August 12, 2022

Max Ehrich releases emotional track ‘Afraid to Love’ after a night out with Sonika Vaid

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Max Ehrich releases his emotional track ‘Afraid to Love’

Max Ehrich, who is the ex-fiancé of Demi Lovato, finally released his emotional track ‘Afraid to Love.’ He released the song yesterday along with an emotional music video. It shows the singer following a social distance.

Apart from that, he was also showing his toned arms in a sleeveless outfit. The mood of the video sets a perfect emotional tone, while Max was sitting in front of a piano. ‘I’m afraid to love you, love you,’ he sings while playing the instrument in the room.

What else the video show?

In the video, Max Ehrich shows his outstanding vocal skills while singing ‘I’m afraid to love you with my whole heart.’ The lyrics clearly say that he has the fear of giving away his heart to someone. Once again, he might have to lose the battle of love and be alone. Ehrich croons that the woman whom he is talking about in the song is amazing and sweet. However, in the past, he has been broken in the past many times. In addition, he might also disappoint his paramour.

The cute couple separated amidst lockdown and through the song, he says that he is afraid of bruising and broken. He sings against a marvelous backdrop having shifting projections that have rotating Earth.

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