September 17, 2021

DNV approves Seaplace offshore wind floating platform

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DNV is one of the most successful organizations of all time, explaining the multiple collaborations with companies in various countries. Recently, it stated practicability to Seaplace, a Spanish ship design and offshore engineering company for the CROWN wind floating platform. The platform features a reduced draft length than the traditional floating platforms. The concept targets reducing the capital expenditure (CAPEX) and the operation expenditure (OPEX) for offshore floating wind. How will the company achieve this bold and huge step? It will reduce CAPEX and OPEX by easing platforms’ manufacturing and installation processes with a new practical manufacturing approach and an excellent life cycle performance.

Verification is a crucial phase in platform development. It explains why DNV was requested to verify the platform concept for structural design, global movement analysis, and the idea and load analysis stability. DNV worked on the verification phase according to the DNVGL-ST-0119 requirements and the basis of a floating wind turbine structure. The research and testing phase reports that this floating platform is feasible and has no non-conformities.

This statement can improve the wind energy sector since it verifies new concepts and opens a world of possibilities in innovative designs aiming to reduce offshore floating wind costs. DNV’s latest wind report states that this technology would grow from the 100MW capacity to above 250GW in the next three decades due to a massive decrease in the levelled energy cost.

Kim Sandgaard, the DNV renewables certification executive vice president, commented on the platform stating that it is a novel concept with high-class potential and holds the ability to reduce floating wind generation cost. Kim explained that such innovation is crucial for the growing floating wind’s future, but innovation comes with uncertainties. However, Seaplace has demonstrated the new concept features for further development and investments’ ability by getting the feasibility statement.

Santiago de Guzman, Seaplace offshore projects’ director, explained that independent verification with organizations like DUV with its expertise and reputation would help the company build confidence in the wind platform concept. Also, he stated that with DNV’s experience and technical wide-range knowledge, it is sure to offer Seaplace recommendations on the following stages of this project, helping the company develop the concept and drive it towards particular applications in the future.

Seaplace’s approval from DUV is the first step towards developing a new offshore wind concept. It may be the initial step but a milestone to more fantastic days. Experts forecast a bright future for Seaplace as it ventures into a new business move, and masses are looking forward to the final result.

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