August 10, 2022

Karnataka Budget: Projects to motivate people to move to renewable energy

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The energy transition is inevitable, and 2021 seems like the year to move forward. For decades, the planet has been dealing with global warming and climate fluctuations, leading to extreme sun, destructive rains, and frigid weather. After a well-researched study, climate experts learned that all the climate changes are the consequences of our doing. The many industries and projects caused more harm than good. Leaders worldwide held talks for months before agreeing to venture into the net-zero emission target. Despite how severe the matter was, people were quick to push these facts behind them.

In the past, despite the various governments’ support, the push to clean the world was stagnant. However, things are changing with the recent projects aiming to push people to the world of renewables. There are creation and innovation of EVs with a target to decarbonize the environment and develop renewable energy. India is one of the countries in Asia working in the renewable field.

Currently, the country is pushing people to venture into renewable energy and is putting in place incentives to motivate people in the field. In Karnataka, there is an upcoming project, Solar power park, which aims to develop a 500-MW Inter-State Transmission System with a budget of 350 crore rupees in the Firozabad area. This project is one of Chief Minister B.S. Yediyurappa ways to push the people to renewable energy.

This project is a proposal under the Karnataka Renewable Energy Development Ltd. It will work on 1551 acres of land under the Karnataka Power Company via private developers of energy sales who are not residents of the State. Other than that, there is an upcoming 1,000 MW project that will focus on creating a pumped hydro storage plant with a budget of 4,000 rupees crore from private investors. The latter will help to supply continuous clean energy-based electricity in the State.

The Chief Minister, in an interview, spoke of measures the government is planning to put in place to deal with the power quality issues in the State. They include irregular power supply and rising tariffs. The supply issue is something that the domestic sector, commercial consumers, and industrial sector are facing hence limiting their performance. Karnataka will also be working on the second phase of KPLC project implementation, which involves modernization and renovation of sub-centers with a budget of 100 rupees crore. The proposal hopes to automate electricity activities, allowing audit functions, metering functions, billing reports, and coordinating electricity transactions via the internet.

Other than renewable power energy, there is the rise of Electric vehicles, and the State has announced the development of 1,000 charging stations for EVs in both public and private sectors.

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