June 30, 2022

Leonardo Di Caprio supports the Amazon as he shares the letter of a Waorani leader

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Leonardo Di Caprio recently joined the list of celebrities opting out of celebrating Columbus Day. He is looking to celebrate a more meaningful holiday by advocating for indigenous communities.

The Oscar-winning star took to social media and shared a letter written by the Waorani leader Nemonte Nenquimo. In that letter, Nemonte pleads for the protection of the Amazon rainforest, where her people live.

The 45-year old actor shared a video where Nemonte can be seen speaking her words. He also pasted a link of Amazon Frontlines that contained the full letter.

Leonardo Di Caprio shares indigenous leader’s moving letter

He said that Nemonte’s message is very important as it urges us to listen to the voices of indigenous people around the world. This will allow us to find our balance with nature and restore the planet to its health.

Di Caprio concluded by saying that Nemonte’s commitment to saving her home and confronting the destructive systems and industries is commendable.

Popstar Demi Lovato also shared an Indigenous People’s Day tribute on Instagram. She shared some facts and resources about how Columbus made slaves out of indigenous people. Additionally, she urged people not to celebrate the historical figure.

Celebrities like Kendrick Sampson and Melina Abdullah also voiced their opinions on the matter. They said Christopher Columbus was a colonizer, a genocidal maniac, and also a sex trafficker.

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