June 30, 2022

Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America is entering the advanced materials market

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With the establishment of its NEXX Technologies (NEXX) Advanced Materials Business Unit, Mitsubishi Gas Chemical (MGC) announced its foray into the advanced composites industry. NEXX is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America (MGCA) in the United States. MGC has created a unique portfolio of innovative composite materials for clients and market areas, based on over 100 years of experience in developing a wide range of chemical as well as functional material solutions.

MGCA Vice President Shoji Matsukawa said, “This is a really exciting time for us.” “We’ve wanted to be a part of the advanced composites business for a long time. We achieved this target in mid-2019 when we had the opportunity to expand our business into advanced composites while maintaining true to our mobility and transportation-focused approach.” NEXX Technologies will also unveil a collection of thermoset and thermoplastic technologies that cover the bulk of the performance range. “For both Radome and structural and structural performance, the emphasis will be on the high-performance parts covering various aerospace, space, and urban air mobility applications,” Matsukawa stated.

Modified epoxy frameworks that don’t need to be frozen are part of MGC’s latest line of composite materials. Customers will save money right away since they won’t have to pay for refrigerated transportation, freezer storage, or time-consuming out-of-time tracking. “Our prepreg materials use a unique architecture that allows for Z-directional breathing, drastically minimizing the requirement for complicated debulk procedures and, in many instances, autoclave processing,” said Joseph Kidd, GM Of NEXX Technologies.

“Customer reaction has been quite positive since the launch of the NT-350. We’ve seen incredibly thick laminates with as much as 34 plies created with less than 1% void content without the use of sophisticated debulk or autoclave treatments. It’s an exciting period for us, and we’re looking forward to the coming years and our client’s success.” NEXX Technologies Advanced Materials has their headquarters in southern California, with Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America’s administrative offices in New York City.

Since 1984, Mitsubishi Gas Chemical, one of the several independent Mitsubishi Companies, has been paving the way in a broad range of industries in the United States, from basic chemicals to fine chemicals and functional materials. MGCA shares the MGC philosophy of “contributing to societal growth and harmony by developing a wide spectrum of values through chemistry” as a unit of Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Incorporated in Japan.

MGC can concentrate on customers because it focuses on specializing, distinguishing, and delivering high-performance goods that adapt to the demands of every marketplace. MGC is here to aid and guide its clients into the future through customer care, logistical understanding, technical assistance, and outstanding goods. MGC will offer to clients in this region in line with the current MGC group mission of “Building values to exchange with society.”

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