September 17, 2021

New satellite photos indicate that North Korea took recent steps in Nuclear weapons site’ concealment

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New satellites from CNN show that North Korea recently took steps to conceal a facility suspected by the US Intelligence Agencies of storing nuclear weapons. These details added fuel to the growing fire of urgency as critics urge President Biden to figure out measures on ways to deal with Kim Jong in the future. Maxar took the images on February 11th and, after analysis from experts at the Middlebury Institute, concluded that the Yongdoktong site holds new structures built in 2020 under North Korea. Experts claim that these new structures have a crucial role in obscuring a pair of underground tunnel entrances. These tunnels lead to the facility where the nuclear weapons are currently.

Images indicating these tunnel entrances date back from December 2019, and there is a new structure visible in the photos taken in February 2021. This report is thanks to Jeffrey Lewis, a Middlebury Institute of international Studies specializing in open-source intelligence. Previously, information from the US Intelligence claims that Yongdoktong is a possible base for North Korean nuclear weapons. Up to date, many believe that the facility’s primary purpose is nuclear weapons storage.

The images released by CNN reaffirms the speculations by the US intelligence and other security officials for years. Some reports indicate that North Korea is actively developing nuclear weapon sites and putting in place steps to hide the evidence. Whether this report is accurate is something only time can define.

Future construction in the Yongdoktong site will catch the US Security and Intelligence agencies’ attention since experts are monitoring sites that they suspect to hold nuclear weapons. This information is from two former intelligence agents and congress lawmakers. The States’ allies and lawmakers are looking forward to President Biden’s stand on North Korea policy which experts forecast to happen in the coming weeks.

Reliable sources familiar with internal discussions claim that the public announcement will follow after the administration is through with a policy review. North Korea’s nuclear program’s suspected evidence is continuing adds as critics talk about the matter as an urgent situation. Also, critics claim that policy review will lead to risk development of the project for a long time. Lewis argues that North Korea continues to progress in the nuclear weapons-making effort despite the US intelligence watching for over six years. The office of the National Intelligence didn’t comment on the matter to CNN’s request.

President Biden is yet to announce the administration’s resolution after laying everything on the table. Several officials, including Rep Andy Kim, told CNN that they hope President Biden deals with the situation before things go wrong.

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