July 3, 2022

What is the storyline and gameplay of Last of Us 2?

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Yeah, the sequel is one of the largest games in the last generation console. The fans hope Naughty Dog will find a way back to The Last of Us planet, but some speculate that the essence of the original game ending was whether the developers said anything about Ellie and Joel’s adventure.

Five years after the first game, the game is set. Ellie’s 19, a survivor more matured now. But her culture will test her courage and abilities as it clashes with a mysterious cult. She will meet some old friends and enemies along the way.

What happens in the Last of Us 2?

Last of Us 2

The official synopsis is as follows: ‘Five years later, Ellie and Joel settled in Wyoming’s Jackson in the post-pandemic United States. Living in a stable group of survivors, despite the ongoing danger from infected and other desperate survivors, gave them peace and security.

Ellie embarks on a relentless journeying to put the justice system to a stop if a violent incident disrupts the peace. She hunts the suspects one by one and has the crippling physical and emotional effects of her actions.

How is the gameplay?

Last of Us 2

The game is much like its predecessor, a third-person action game, which is supposed to occur with all-natural changes. Now Ellie has several more skills like leaping, climbing cords, and smashing a window literally with her own hands or weapons. You can also go down entirely, introducing new stealth features such as creeping through small spaces, covering under vehicles, etc. Your gun collection is extended, and you can still count on it as a melee, this time with a knife.

You also have several weapons such as bows, handguns, long-range weapons, smoke bombs, Molotov cocktails, Trap Mining, and much more. The rhythm at which you get new weapons is well-spaced so that you can play with something new all along the adventure. You will also have the usual update we’ve seen with a twist in the first game.


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