January 27, 2022

Who is Will Ferrell’s Wife, Viveca Paulin? What happened after their marriage?

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At the end of classic Christmas Elf, Buddy might have had hearts on Jovie (Zooey Deschanel), but the true real love of comedian Will Ferrell is his 20-year-old wife, actress Viveca Paulin.

According to PopSugar.com, the pair first began to see each other in an acting class in 1995. Although they dated briefly, the two initially decided that they would be better than friends. Friendship-wise, Viv was an excellent help to Will — she had been able to get him a typing gig, per Elle, when he needed money to pay his rent and support his acting dreams.

Viveca Paulin

What happened after that?

Finally, on Saturday Night Live, Will’s talent got him a job, and he moved to New York City. However, Will and Viv tried hard to remain connected despite the distance.

Will said that he was in another relationship, And he and Viv would have been talking like friends for two hours, and he’d feel as though it were five minutes, then his girlfriend would call, and he’d have been like, ‘God, it’s so late here on the East Coast, he has to get some sleep.’

Fortunately, while SNL was on hiatus, Viv still had strong feelings for Will and invited him to a drink. Will tell Elle that Viv pounded her beer and admitted that she always liked her, although they agreed to be friends.

Viveca Paulin

Where did they stay?

Will stayed with his family in Sweden this year, Viv’s home country. However, Ferrell will usually break time from Sweden, L.A and New York City between their homes.

Will and Viv worked a lot on their plates before the pandemic. In the 2018 animated movie Ralph Splits, Viv recently talked to an auctioneer and starred in the Younger television program Annika Bjornberg. Will has been showing in Eurovision Song Contest with Rachel McAdams recently, of course. Martin Markowitz will be exhibiting at the upcoming 2021 TV series The Shrink Next Door.

So, what is the secret of good marriage between Will and Viv? Humor would play a significant role in the household if we were to deviate. Will joked, saying Before you marry a person, you should first make them use a computer with slow Internet to see who they are.

Viv passed the machine test.

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