September 17, 2021

Macklemore Shares his Road to Recovery

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IMAGE: Macklemore

Rapper Macklemore shared his struggles with addiction and how he survived.

IMAGE: Macklemore


Recently, on Talib Kweli’s podcast called People’s Party, the 37-year-old rapper Macklemore opened up about his struggles with addiction and his journey to recovery.


He stated that if his father wouldn’t have had the resources to send him to rehab, he might have never made it. Macklemore stated, “I wouldn’t be here right now. That’s not to be f–king dramatic, that’s just what it is. I was about to die.”


Macklemore admits to having struggled with addiction for a long time


The Thrift Store star has been to a rehabilitation centre, back in 2008 for recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. After the release of his album “The Heist” in 2013, he rose to fame and it took a toll on him. He experienced a relapse. He mentioned to Rolling Stone, “I was lucky enough to go to a facility for a month.”


Macklemore said in the podcast. “People don’t know that’s OK to go to treatment.”


According to reports from Yahoo, Macklemore a.k.a Benjamin Haggerty has struggled with substance abuse of OxyContin and had been drinking since he was a teenager. He also mentioned that he never thought he had an addiction problem before he went to rehab.


Sharing his story, Macklemore wants to inspire others


Nowadays, Macklemore encourages people like himself to share their stories so that others can be inspired and get the help they need. He mentions that admitting to having an addiction is a mess but it is better than letting it ruin lives.  He is happy and back on track, so he likes to share his sobriety story.

In the podcast, he mentions, “There is a therapeutic value of one addict to another sharing their experience, strength, and hope. And it continues to save my life.”


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