September 17, 2021

Pamela Anderson being Accused of Wrecking a Family

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IMAGE: Pamela Anderson at her wedding

Newly-wed Pamela Anderson is being blamed for wrecking her new husband’s previous marriage.

IMAGE: Pamela Anderson at her wedding

Pamela Anderson, 53, got married to Dan Hayhurst, 40, on Christmas-eve of 2020. She released pictures of the ceremony and told The Daily Mail about the wedding. She mentioned that Dan Hayhurst was her bodyguard and they started dating in the early months of the lockdown, being together all the time.


The Ex’s Side of the Story


Dan Hayhurst’s ex-girlfriend Carey, 42, told The Sun that Dan had been living with her and bringing up his two kids for five years. Carey came out with this information after she read the news of Pamela Anderson’s fifth and most recent wedding and saw the pictures. She claimed she was completely blindsided by the knowledge of his affair with the former Baywatch actress. She also had no idea of Pamela’s wedding with Dan in late 2020.

Carey also stated that Dan Hayhurst is not a bodyguard, he works as a handyman. Pamela Anderson had hired him for the renovations of her estate in Ladysmith, a Canadian town. While he worked there, he was still in a relationship with Carey, and thus, Carey is accusing Anderson of having seduced her boyfriend.


Carey’s life before Pamela

Carey is the mother of one child, and she is from Vancouver Island. Dan was a single dad and they got together after meeting on a dating app. They moved in together in Squamish, and have been raising their children together for five years.

IMAGE: Carey with Dan Hayhurst


She said that she decided to speak out because she wanted people to know that her five-year relationship, with three children involved, ended because of the affair Pam and Dan started while he was still with Carey. She mentioned that the kids are devasted.” Carey claimed that in the beginning, Hayhurst was only Anderson’s handyman but then she hired him to work with her full-time as a bodyguard.

She said, “This is not the lockdown love story that it looks like, it’s all a facade.”

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