September 17, 2021

What is Notehall? What is the net value of Notewall?

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Notehall is an online platform that allows students to buy and sell notes. In 2009 they took part in an event known as the “Shark Tank.”

In 2008, students from the University of Arizona, Sean Conway, Justin Miller, D.J. Stephen, and Fadi Chalfoun worked together to make Notehall. In eight months after opening, approximately 40% of the students started use of Notehall. Notehall is an online platform where students can sell notes, guide and exchange files so that students can access them. Students have to receive credits on the website that allow them to access text, and 50% of sales are accounted for by Notehall.

About 2009, Barbara Corcoran raised $90,000 at the Shark Tank. And a few weeks later they switched to DreamIt Projects, a programme that gathers funds from yearly start-ups and declines Barbara’s proposal.

Notehall’s co-founders were the finalists for the best young entrepreneurs in America during 2009. U.S. Airport Five student social media resources were reported by the press. They have also been featured on Wall Street Journal,, Yahoo, US News,..

What did University Adminstrators say?


In fact, both professors and university administrators were attacked by Notehall. Due to the infringement of intellectual property rights. Infringement of intellectual property can occur if lectures and notes are shared on a website. The production of class notes in California is illegal and a letter from Dean Mark Cioc University is also sent stating that students, experts, are demanding that they not engage in such activities.

In addition to this, Dean of the Leading Hall, University of Colorado and the Indiana University have recognised the copyright issue and black-market problem to download and sell a lecturer/teacher online.

Was it nominated?


Wall Street News,, Business Week, Yahoo, US, Techcrunch, etc. In 2009, co-founders of the note hall were nominated for young entrepreneurs in the Americas. Notehall said it is one of the most powerful social media resources for students in the United States. Students in collegen should use the forum to connect and exchange books and information with their friends, other students.

How much is his Net Worth?

Chegg has bought Notehall in equity for $3.7 million and reveals cash. The net value was not disclosed. No further information about the organisation can be found and, as soon as we receive details, we will contact you. Keep tuned like that.

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