September 17, 2021

Netflix to adapt Kong: Skull Island and Tomb Raider into Anime

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Image: Tomb Raider and Kong

Netflix to adapt Kong: Skull Island and Tomb Raider into Anime


Since, Castlevania– the vampire hunting animated show aired on Netflix, a new market was discovered. And there are definitely views to be had from more animated shows or any anime adaptations. Taking a great idea like a video game or a film, anime adaptations can be made. Netflix announced that it is going to similarly adapt the long-running Tomb Raider franchise of games and films and the popular movie Kong: Skull Island (2017) into anime.

Image: Tomb Raider and Kong


The Skull Island anime project is going to be developed by Legendary Television, reports The Hollywood Reporter. There are plans to expand into all the undiscovered areas of the Kong franchise, which are a lot since there are only a couple of live-action films out till now. The show is going to have characters stranded on Skull Island and fighting for survival. It is reported that Brian Duffield who is the writer for The Babysitter for Netflix is going to be an executive producer and writer on the project.


The Tomb Raider anime show is going to be developed by Tasha Huo, also a Netflix writer who is also the writer for the Witcher’s spin-off show Blood Origin. Instead of adapting the on-going series of live-action films starring Alicia Vikander, the anime show will be following the recent trilogy of the Tomb Raider games. The first game of that trilogy was released in 2013 and was called “Tomb Raider.”


Until now, Netflix’s great anime of Castlevania has a pretty simple formula of vampire-hunting, but they will be venturing into deeper waters with all the complexities of the Tomb Raider video games and the expansive world of Skull Island. There is so much potential for content creation in any kind of media, but especially animated or anime since those can be churned out much quicker as compared to live-action adaptations and are far more affordable too. Netflix should keep up the momentum and create some more animated shows too, there’s always a demand for them.





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