September 17, 2021

JJustin Bieber celebrates a Night out with wife Hailey Bieber after his performance at Saturday Night Live

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Justin Bieber with Hailey Bieber and Chance The Rapper

It seems Justin Bieber is back in form.


On October 17, the 26-year-old singing sensation gave two incredible performances on SNL.


The Canadian star kicked things off with his track “Holy”. For this song, he brought out Chance, the rapper who performed on the single. The set up saw Justin performing under a neon Cross that complemented the song’s Christian references.


For his follow-up performance, Justin sang his latest track “Lonely” which was released on October 16. This saw the star skipping the SNL stage and performing backstage. He then looks at his reflection in a mirror and walks through the halls of the studio.


To celebrate the special performance, Justin went out on a double date with his wife Hailey Bieber, accompanied by Chance and his wife Kirsten Corley.


According to reliable sources, Justin and Hailey visited Catch Steak where they partied all night and left in the early morning.


Last month, the celebrity couple had their second wedding anniversary. For this occasion, the couple had a picnic at their place, with sandwiches brought from a Deli. They had some heart-to-heart talk about their wedding day and discussed the time they had spent together. Both of them have been busy as of late and it was nice for them to spend some quality time together.

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